Shocking! Gopi Sudhakar of ‘Parithabangal’ is allegedly implicated in a multi-crore scam.

In the past four or five years, when data has become cheaper, a digital revolution has been created. Especially Google’s video sharing platform YouTube, millions of users upload their works every day. Closer to home, many artists follow the trend and become rock stars. One of the most popular Tamil YouTube users is Gopi and Sudhakar, they are the owners of the “Parithabangal” channel, which satirizes social and political events in a funny way.

Most of the time, Gopi and Sudhakar, collectively referred to as GoSu, have more than one million views for each video they publish. This is their fan following in the media field. A few years ago, the duo announced the launch of a movie called “Hey Money Come Today Go Tomorrow Ya”, known as the largest crowdfunding project in history, with a budget of approximately Rs 8 million.

Now, an application used to raise the necessary funds from more than 20,000 investors has been accused of fraud. GoSu has also received attention for allegedly cooperating with them. After the blockbuster title was announced at the end of 2019, his movie did not land. It is said that most investors have reported criminal activities to the cybercrime police, and as funds continue to be raised, more and more investors are doing this every day.

A Balu Bose, who is said to have been the director of “Parithabangal”, posted a video of his director on his social media, which contains a channel promoting fraudulent applications. This has also created more suspicions about GoSu on social media.

Gopi and Sudhakar published an explanatory video in which they stated that the Super Backer application sought to promote them, like other companies of this type, they promoted it, but they have nothing to do with its developers. They accused COVID 19 of delaying the release of their movie “Hey, come with the money today, go tomorrow.” It is said that they will begin filming before the end of the year. It remains to be seen what actions the cybercrime police will take based on the complaints received.

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