The Bollywood actress seems to be in problem once more, with the hashtag “Arrest Swara Bhaskar” trending on Twitter.

Swara Bhasker, a Bollywood actress, has once again landed herself in hot water after comparing the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan to Hindutva. Swara’s arrest is being demanded, and the hashtag ‘ArrestSwaraBhaskar’ is trending.

Swara Bhasker is well-known for her social media thoughts, and she just made a statement about the ongoing Afghanistan problem. Following the evacuation of US troops and armed forces from the capital city of Kabul, the Taliban assumed control of the strife-torn country. Swara used a tweet to connect the situation to that of India.

She penned, “We can’t tolerate Hindutva terror while being horrified and devastated by Taliban terror… and we can’t tolerate #Taliban terror while being outraged by #Hindutva horror! Our humanitarian and ethical principles should not be based on oppressor or oppressed identities.”

The comment rapidly went viral on Twitter, drawing widespread outrage for associating the word “horror” with Hinduism. She has also earned the enmity of the Twitterati. #ArrestSwaraBhasker quickly became a trending topic as thousands requested that the actor be arrested.

One Twitter user responded to Bhasker’s remark by saying, “This is the third time I’ve done it. We should not normalise the association of terrorism with our Hindu identity, especially when it contains no truth. #ArrestSwaraBhasker.” Swara also faced controversy in 2020 after a video of her speaking out against the CAA bill went popular on social media.

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