Thalapathy Vijay pays the entire amount of entry tax on his Rolls Royce Ghost – the amount and other information of the case

For the past few weeks, Thalapathy Vijay has been the focus of heated disputes about the payment of entry tax for his fancy Rolls Royce Ghost car. He paid a large number of money to import the fancy automobile from London in 2012 and paid all the taxes and charges. He requested an exemption from the entry tax, which was in the tens of lakhs, as per the rules.

The issue concerning the entry tax has been pending for nine years and was just scheduled for hearing. S.M. Subramaniam, a solitary judge, chastised the leading South Indian hero for requesting an entry tax exemption and fined him Rs. 1 lakh, which he must pay to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s COVID 19 fund. One of his directions declared, “Tax evading is an anti-national activity, attitude, and mentality that is also unconstitutional.” These performers are presenting themselves as fighters for societal social justice. Their images are a protest against society’s corruption. However, they are dodging taxes and functioning in a manner that is not in accordance with the statutes.”

Vijay appealed to the division bench, which included judges M Duraiswamy and R Hemalatha. He requested that the single judge’s harsh remarks be expunged, as well as an exemption from paying the one lakh rupee fine to the fund because he had already contributed 25 lakhs to the same cause.

The judges ordered Vijay to pay the entry tax in full and noted that the removal of the single judge’s remark and the fine withdrawal would be considered in four weeks.

Vijay, who had already paid rupees eight lakhs, has now paid the remaining rupees thirty-two lakhs (total rupees forty lakhs) in full, according to Commercial Taxes Department sources. The case will be heard again at the end of the month, when the bench will hear the mass hero’s additional petitions.


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